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Recessed horizontal accent lines on a textured surface provide a linear plank appearance with the flexibility of multiple window size, placement, and glass options.

Please Note: Colors, woodtones, door panels, windows, and glass options are to be used as an indication only. Some sizes not available in all models and configurations. Please contact us for the exact look of your garage door and availability.


Model Selection Chart

Model #232723472357232823482358
Section Construction2” Thick – 2-Sided Steel2” Thick – 2-Sided Steel
Material27 Ga. Steel27 Ga. Steel
Insulation TypePolystyrenePolyurethane
R-Value / Thermal PerformanceR-10.29R-17.54
Personalize Your Garage Door
Window TypeShortLongOversizedShortLongOversized
Designer Glass
Color OptionsAll models are available in: White Almond Sandstone Brown Gray Black
Desert Tan   
Carbon Oak
Accents Woodtones